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Welcome to the Constitution Reform Forum

Trinidad and Tobago

Serving as a Catalyst

The Constitution Reform Forum (CRF), serves as a catalyst for constitution reform in Trinidad and Tobago. Formed in April 2001, the CRF is a citizens' forum, enabling participants to engage in discussions encompassing various current political and constitutional issues.

The CRF's objectives include:

  • Educating citizens on issues pertaining to the Constitution.
  • Stimulating debate about the need for constitution reform.
  • Facilitating a process by which civil society, if so persuaded, can articulate specific proposals for the reform of the Constitution.
  • Engaging in advocacy activities for the said reforms to be implemented.

Achieving our Objectives

In order to achieve these objectives the CRF holds monthly meetings, various seminars, conferences and other events, and through the publication of media releases, all of which serve as a means of informing citizens of issues affecting their day to day lives.