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CRF's Response to CRC's Report - Paid media statement

This article is the response of the Constitution Reform Forum (CRF) to the Report produced by the Constitution Reform Commission (referred to as ‘CRC’ or ‘Commission’ in the rest of the article) following the series of national consultations held during 2013. The CRC’s Report summarizes key aspects of the contributions to the consultations and makes recommendations for reshaping the Constitution. read more

Constitution Reform Commission Report (January 2014)

The system of government being proposed is a hybrid of parliamentary and presidential features (elements of Westminster and Washington). read more

CRF's Discussion Paper on Constitution Reform 2013

In 2007, in the run up to the general elections of that year, the Constitution Reform Forum (CRF) produced the document Towards a People's Manifesto for Constitution Reform: Let us remake our Constitution. We offered it to the nation and in particular to the voting population "as a working discussion document that citizens can draw on as they formulate their own perspectives and positions to debate and discuss with the political parties". read more

CRF's second submission to Commission - Next Steps

As the schedule of national consultations draws to a close, the CRF wishes to record its appreciation of the efforts of the Minister of Legal Affairs and his team in conducting this exercise. The CRF also acknowledges the high level of professionalism displayed by the Commissioners as reflected in their focused attention to all contributions. Overall, it is evident that citizens all over the country responded positively to the exercise, with many making well-prepared presentations at the various sessions. read more

David De Merieux' CR submission

There is a need for an emphasis on regional planning. Local Government should be accommodated in the constitutionalised concept of regional planning. There must be equity in regional development and in the provision and maintenance of local services, institutions and more

Eric Esdelle's Constitutional Reform Proposal

This approach to constitutional reform centres on the area of the structure of Government. It recognisers the role of the CJ in our present constitutional arrangement, and expands it, making him an arbitrator (of sorts),while at all times being careful to maintain the neutrality of his more